Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design inherently has its own set of challenges in creating visually appealing, yet work friendly area while maximizing the use of the available space and creating an easy flow. With Janice's exceptional technical skills and strength in space planning, creating a space that is inviting to clientele while also providing a motivating and comfortable environment for employees happens naturally in her designs. With a continued focus on client vision and goals, Janice creates unique commercial interiors that are a reflection of the business, its values and style.

Hospitality Interior Design

Designing interiors for the hospitality industry perfectly blends Janice's strength in space planning with her natural aesthetic for color and texture. Her goal is to create a unique sense of place for each restaurant, bar and hotel, making the customer experience truly one of a kind with subtle nuances and details that exude the goals and vision of the client. A great example of this is her recent work at Wheatstack – A Midwestern Eatery and Tap, incorporating little accents of lighting and wheat decorations which add a nice touch without being overpowering.

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